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the fringe of a storm

Written by Matt Shepherd, 22/02/2015 12:34pm

I wait in anticipation on my little balcony overlooking the Pacific, wondering whether this ‘perfect storm’ that the media has hyped up over the last week will actually eventuate into anything here on the Gold Coast. They predicted massive seas, cyclonic winds, torrential rain and flash flooding. Read More >

ABC Interview

Written by Matt Shepherd, 11/12/2014 10:13pm

Earlier this week I had a little interview on the ABC North Coast radio station about my new show. It was such a great experience to be asked about my work, a big thank you to ABC for that and spreading the word. Read More >

The Night Light Project

Written by , 01/09/2014 12:00am

As I roll out of bed from another clammy sub-par tropical sleep, I ask my roommate Matt ‘’What’s happening today man?” He replies, ‘’Same as every other day dude.  A coconut and banana smoothie for breakfast as we check the swell models. Read More >