Matt Shepherd


A date with NY

Written by Matt Shepherd, 31 March 2016

People often talk about an escape back to nature but a few rare times in life we're faced with a desire to delve deep into the guts of a city and surround ourselves with our kind... Read Full Post >>

A Southern Reef

Written by Matt Shepherd, 15 March 2015

It goes without saying that being so close to these beautiful turtles is really a special privilege that not all have the chance to experience. The lucky part for me is that Flinders Reef is only a stones throw from my home town, the Gold Coast... Read Full Post >>

the fringe of a storm

Written by Matt Shepherd, 22 February 2015

I wait in anticipation on my little balcony overlooking the Pacific, wondering whether this ‘perfect storm’ that the media has hyped up over the last week will actually eventuate into anything here on the Gold Coast. They predicted massive seas, cyclonic winds, torrential rain and flash flooding... Read Full Post >>

ABC Interview

Written by Matt Shepherd, 11 December 2014

Earlier this week I had a little interview on the ABC North Coast radio station about my new show. It was such a great experience to be asked about my work, a big thank you to ABC for that and spreading the word... Read Full Post >>

The Night Light Project

Written by , 1 September 2014

As I roll out of bed from another clammy sub-par tropical sleep, I ask my roommate Matt ‘’What’s happening today man?” He replies, ‘’Same as every other day dude.  A coconut and banana smoothie for breakfast as we check the swell models... Read Full Post >>

Under Her Gaze

Written by Matt Shepherd, 2 January 2014

Three weeks have now passed since I left my home. My destination was a place largely unknown, but not for me, as the island of the Sleeping Lady has always been a big part of me... Read Full Post >>

Sydney Sessions

Written by Matt Shepherd, 17 April 2013

 .. Read Full Post >>

Apex expedition

Written by aquaseen, 15 January 2013

 .. Read Full Post >>

Exhibition at the Channon

Written by Aquaseen, 19 November 2012

It was back in July when I attended the first year anniversary of The Channon Gallery. A good friend advised me that it was worth the drive so off I went. Little did I know that it was going to lead to an amazing Aquaseen exhibition four months later... Read Full Post >>

filters explained

Written by aquaseen, 25 June 2012

Do your images look blown out in the sky or lacking detail in the foreground? If they do then hopefully this blog will help you to achieve the shot you are looking for... Read Full Post >>

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