Matt Shepherd

Under Her Gaze

Posted by Matt Shepherd on 2 January 2014 | 0 Comments

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Three weeks have now passed since I left my home. My destination was a place largely unknown, but not for me, as the island of the Sleeping Lady has always been a big part of me.

This is my third trip to Kosrae, but it still feels different every time I land.

Her green peaks burst from the depths to heights unseen. She is surrounded by reefs that protect her from the mighty swells assaulting her shores. However there are other things that astound me about this place, from the rotting concrete houses that must have many stories to tell, to the mangrove systems that seem to be endless channels for exploration.

My new home is not just a tropical paradise, but also a place that forces you to face many things. From diving under heavy slabs of sea to sitting still and being one with me, this island is always an intense experience.

This is a place to escape and find what you need. But be very careful—as many have seen, the Sleeping Lady may not let you leave.